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How To Set Custom Font In Android

By default android having its own font called Roboto. Its a neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface developed by google.

Why custom font in android?

Sometimes we want to give more attraction to the user. Or sometimes the same product developed on the web, That’s having a different font than the android default font.

In these situations, we need to use custom fonts to maintain the same font for all the product of the user.

You can set the custom font to any view in android like Textview, Button, EditText etc.


Typeface class is used to set the custom font to the view in android. Below, I am going to explain how to create the custom font in android studio.

First, you need to create assets folder in your android project.

Create Assets Folder

go to File > Folder > Assets Folder

It will create the Assets folder parallel to the java and res folder.

Create Asset Folder

Then download and paste your font.ttf file into the assets folder.

Paste the font inside assets folder

Create the Typeface instance and load font into the typeface.

Using the static method of Typeface createFromAsset() and pass the AssetManager and the name of the custom font which is located in the Assets folder as the arguments of the method.

Typeface font = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(),"android_font.ttf");

Finally, set the custom font to the textview.


Now, You can develop your own application with the custom font in android studio. Below I have posted my example code.

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public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { 
    TextView textView; Typeface font; 
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { 
        textView = (TextView)findViewById(; 
        font = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(),"android_font.ttf"); 


screenshot of custom font

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